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The Elevated Approach to Wealth Management

7258 Wealth Management is an independent investment manager built on the principles that markets are efficient and investors are better off using lower cost, more tax-efficient strategies in their portfolios. The firm’s partners have served on investment committees for billion-dollar pensions and endowments, have advised some of America’s wealthiest families, and have published powerful research in leading academic journals. With objectivity, independence, and an innovative approach, 7258 is a powerful advocate for clients and their financial goals.

The Foundation of 7258 Wealth Management


Why Wall Street Plays the Game of Risk

Many money managers rely on analysts to identify mispriced securities and then attempt to outperform a benchmark. The results of this conventional approach, referred to as active management, can be inconsistent and the endeavor is expensive. Higher fees benefit the managers, but the burden of additional fees and taxes creates meaningful headwinds for clients. Yes, active managers may occasionally deliver exceptional performance, but that performance comes over shorter and more difficult to predict time periods. When the impact of additional taxes and fees are considered, the benefits rarely trickle down to client accounts. The 7258 team has seen the best and worst that Wall Street has to offer and has built the firm not on this hope of outperformance, but on the rationalization of data.

Take Command, but Let the Market Work for You

Active management has its place; we just haven't seen any evidence that justifies the use of higher-cost, less tax-efficient portfolios in the majority of asset classes. Rather, the evidence demonstrates that the mix of investments, or asset allocation within the portfolio, is the leading determinant of success. Investors are better off getting the asset allocation “right” in the most efficient manner possible. We leverage our experience from working with high net worth families and institutions across the country to empower an innovative process we call Objective Asset Allocation. It all starts with defining what is most important to our clients, and then building portfolios designed to maximize the probability of realizing those goals.

The Foundation of 7258 Wealth Management


How You Become the Strategy

Wall Street may define risk as volatility, but 7258 defines risk as the possibility our clients fail to achieve their objectives. With this in mind, we tailor our solutions and construct separate portfolios for each of our clients and their goals. We make all of our decisions based on rigorous research, and our clients benefit from the healthy skepticism we maintain on their behalf. Establish the objectives, plan the strategy, and minimize the risk – that is our elevated approach to wealth management.

What’s in a Name?

Eric Holt, William Jennings, and Steve Fraser – the founders of 7258 Wealth Management, Inc – met as faculty members of the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA), where they collaborated to design the Academy’s finance and investments courses. USAFA rests 7,258 feet above sea level and the firm has built its name on these Rocky Mountain foundations. With a broader perspective to asset management, the team lifts the conversation higher.

7258 Wealth Management has partnered with Aperio, Breckinridge, Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), Parametric, and Vanguard for the management of our clients’ assets.

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