Our Clients and Their Goals

Here is the 7258 Process:

The 7258 Process begins and ends with you.

We spend considerable time with clients to garner a deep understanding of what they need and what they want.  In the course of this dialogue, clients prioritize what things are critical and what things they hope to achieve.   Many of our clients are focused on sustaining their desired lifestyle; others emphasize the estate they would like to leave to their heirs, and some focus on philanthropic legacies.

We utilize 7258’s planning tools to determine their capacity for realizing their different objectives.   Because our process is completely driven by our client’s goals, we call this Objective Asset Allocation. We apply some of the same concepts pension plans have been using for decades to the families we work with.  This is known as Liability Driven Investing and we build portfolios specifically around known liabilities. In the case of pension plans, these liabilities are promises made to retirees; in the case of our clients, these liabilities are really objectives/goals but the concept is exactly the same.  From a planning perspective, if a client needs a stream of cash flows (income) that starts at a predetermined point in time (retirement) and those flows must persist over a defined period (their actuarial life expectancy), the size of the portfolio needed then (and now) can be determined.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), resources are limited and clients don’t always have the capacity to do everything they want.  In these situations, our role is to help them understand what they can comfortably do and structure portfolios accordingly.

As stated above, we think of risk as the possibility our clients won’t achieve what matters most to them.  We design all of our portfolios to minimize this risk.  In the case of our process, managing this risk plays a critical role in the assumptions we use in our analysis. Put simply, the client establishes the financial goals and we design processes to maximize the probability they will achieve whatever matters most to them.

We will save further details for our clients and their advisors but we hope the above gives the reader some appreciation for just how different this process is.  Everything at 7258 Wealth Management starts and ends with you.

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