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  • Jennings, W.W. and S.P. Fraser (2006) “Behavioral Asset Allocation for Foundations & Endowments.” Journal of Wealth Management, 9(3), 38-50.

Abstracted in the Journal of Financial Planning, June 2007, Selected for an Institutional Investor Journals article collection on goals-based asset allocation, August 2013, and available on www.pionline.com.

  • Fraser, S.P. and W.W. Jennings (2010) “From vision to practice: Examining the use of Investment Policy Statements." Journal of Wealth Management, 13(2), 10-22.
  • Reichenstein, W.R., S. Horan, and W.W. Jennings (2012) "Two key concepts for wealth management and beyond." Financial Analysts Journal, 68(1), 14-22.

Graham and Dodd Readers’ Choice award, #1 most popular article in the 107,000+ circulation Financial Analysts Journal, 2012.

Other examples representing contributions to investment and portfolio research: 

  • Jennings, W.W.  (2012) "Energy stocks as a separate portfolio allocation." Journal of Wealth Management, 14(4), 70-86.
  • Jennings, W.W., S.P. Fraser, and B. Payne (2009) “Do health care investments hedge health care liabilities?” Journal of Investing, 18(1), 69-74.
  • Jennings, W.W. and W.R. Reichenstein (2008) "The extended portfolio in private wealth management." Journal of Wealth Management, 11(1), 36-45.
  • Jennings, W.W. and G. Martin (2007) "Socially enhanced indexing:  Applying enhanced indexing techniques to socially responsible investment." Journal of Investing, 16(2), 18-31.

Selected for an Institutional Investor Journals article collection on Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), November 2009, and nominated for Moskowitz Prize for SRI.

  • Fraser, S.P., S. Besley, and C. Pantzalis (2007) “Board of Director Configurations in Mutual Fund Sponsors: A Board- Level Analysis of Performance.” Advances in Financial Economics, 12, 203-236.
  • Davis, D.J. and W.W. Jennings (2005) "Morningstar and Mondrian, or Style and deStijl: The use and misuse of Morningstar styles boxes." Journal of Investing, 14(4), 47-59.

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