7258 Approach


  • Individual client objectives drive the construction of our portfolios; we consider time horizon, liquidity, legal structures, tax status, unique circumstances, and relative importance of the family’s goal(s);
  • Disciplined asset allocation and rebalancing make a difference;
  • Global diversification provides access to opportunities in multiple markets and may reduce portfolio risk;  
  • The joint impact of taxes and costs is significant;
  • Inflation erodes purchasing power; the longer the time horizon, the greater the magnitude;
  • We will use lower-cost, more tax-efficient portfolios in the majority of asset classes most of the time; however, we may use active managers selectively;


  • Public equity markets are mostly efficient; therefore, we utilize passive investment strategies in most asset classes;
  • Bonds provide critical protection in our client accounts. We are reluctant to take credit and term risk, but may do so in a measured way when market/economic conditions provide opportunity.
  • Inflation-protected securities are important tools for vital, longer-term client objectives.  
  • We think of alternative investments (hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, commodities, and direct real estate) in the same way we think of active management.  There may be a place for them in client portfolios, but they are the exception, not the rule.

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